extrusion screws extrusion screws
extrusion screws

Extrusion screw

The extrusion screw is our star product for 30 years.

We manufacture more than 1000 extrusion screws per year from Ø8mm up to Ø300mm with a length up to 6m.

State of art machinary

Our machinery is calibrated for demands from extrusion markets.

Overall, operations are carried out in our workshops which gives us a great technical mastery and confidence to meet deadlines.

Target markets

  • Plastics & Rubbers
  • Chimistry
  • Foods
  • Pharmaceutical

Our expertise

We have an extensive experience in the manufacture of extrusion screws but also in extrusion processes of our customers.

Extrusion screw
Extrusion screw
extrusion screws