extrusion screws extrusion screws
extrusion screws

Expert screw

What you want for your screws :

  • Improve quality of products
  • Decrease scraps
  • Increase outputs
  • Increase lifetime

Because extrusion is not limited to the screw, a study of the existing will allow first assess whether the extrusion conditions are improvable.

Then we will propose potential improvements to optimize the process and increase performance of the screw.

If it is necessary we will propose the manufacture of a new screw with an optimized profile.


  • single flight, 3 zones
  • variable thread
  • double flight
  • single barrier
  • tandem barrier
  • mixers
  • internal regulation
  • high or low output
  • chrome plating
  • armouring, cladding
  • grooved barrels
Barrier screw
Barrier screw